Do you know the one thing that affects peoples happiness more than anything else??

It’s not money, it’s not career, its not your material possessions - it’s the quality of your relationships...

And the flip side of that is unhappy relationships cause you the most pain and distress.

It's true!

  • That 20% of the problems in your relationship with your partner is actually related to the current situation and 80% of the problem is related to unresolved childhood experiences!!?
  • That over 50% of first marriages fail and the statistics become higher with subsequent marriages?
  • That all couples have at least 9 irreconcilable differences! This means you don't have to agree with everything your partner does, but instead need to learn ways to manage these!

If all couples have irreconcilable differences then why are half the couples able to stay together and be happy while the other half gets divorced?

Because unresolved childhood expriences make those irreconcilable differences unbearable!

My name is Jane Whiting and I am a Relationship and Ancestral Healing Coach who empowers motivated women to break free from the wounds of the past so they can experience the love they deserve. 

As a young woman I realized that I was carrying a lot of baggage related to my childhood that was causing me a lot of harm. After marrying my husband I could no longer continue with the facade of the fun-loving party girl and my world came crashing down. My sense of worth was very low, I really didn't like myself at all.

I noticed that my self-loathing was affecting other relationships also. I could no longer continue as happy go lucky Jane. I could literally feel the toxic energy of my negative emotions sitting all around me. It felt disgusting, I hated myself.

I knew that leaving the relationship with my husband wasn't the solution because I was a big part of the problem.

Sometimes things have to become really bad before we do anything about it and this was the case with me. I was at rock bottom, I couldn't stand myself and my husband didn't like me either. I knew I was the only person who could change my life but I had no clue how to go about it.

No prayer is ever unanswered and spirit led me to ancient teachings regarding the laws of relationships.

I discovered how to heal the 3 primary relationships that were wounded and wreaking havoc in my life and my relationships. I set these practises into motion and I noticed a big shift!

This combined with using guided soul journeys while meditating to connect with my loved ones was a big game changer.

Over time my relationships became much easier but the biggest shift was my relationship within myself. I had a renewed sense of hope and purpose and life had more depth and meaning.

My husband and I have been married now for over 30 years and we have a very tight and loving family. We both acknowledge it hasn't been easy but we are so happy that we stayed together because our relationship is very strong now.

The guided soul journeys and universal laws of relationships that I used to transform my life and my relationships form the foundation of my Coaching and Healing Programs.

Do your relationships seem to cause you more pain than happiness?

Do you feel that no matter what you do you can’t seem to make your relationships work?

Do you try to communicate but you just end up fighting or feeling misunderstood?

Do you try to stand up for yourself but you end up feeling disempowered and frustrated?

No matter what your current relationship struggles may be, whether it’s your husband, your mother, your child, your boss, your best friend, this relationship struggle is just a symptom of a deeper cause…

If your primary relationships are toxic they will ruin EVERY OTHER RELATIONSHIP IN YOUR LIFE.

But the good new is…

If you heal your primary Toxic Relationships every other relationship in your life, including the one with yourself will be loving and peaceful. In fact this has nothing to do with the other, they may not change but you will be transformed and that is all that matters! 

Download my PDF booklet Heal Your Most Toxic Relationships & Experience The Love You Deserve 

Now is your time to release relationship baggage, including ancestral blocks, release old hurt, old pain and stop the cycle of dysfunction in your relationships that is keeping you from giving and receiving the love you deserve from yourself and others.

  •  Undervalued by those around you and by yourself 
  •  That your childhood trauma or relationship history is blocking you from receiving love from yourself and others 
  •  That your spiritual needs are not being met and you desperately want to experience a soul connection with yourself in preparation for connecting with others on a soul level (even your soul mate) 
  •  That you've been carrying around the emotional wounding and baggage too long and your ready to release the pain 

Then I am so happy you are here because I can help you!

Download the Free PDF booklet here.....

 “….Helped me to find my courage to ‘drop the stories’…..” 

“Your way of working with me in the truest sense of the meaning of partnership, and your openness and capacity to empathize helped me to find my courage to drop the 'stories' that have kept me stuck and face and shift some of those harder feelings and thoughts that have stayed with me for far too long. You opened up my awareness and understanding about the importance of ancestral and generational healing and you gave me the guidance and tools to explore this aspect of myself and my families spiritual healing. It has helped me to soften some of those deep hurts and wounds within me and start to further progress my forgiveness work. The shift in my life and my spiritual awakening since you worked with me has been life changing.” 

Love and Blessings,

Jane Whiting

Relationship & Ancestral Healing Expert 

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